Monday, November 2, 2009

Catching Up

It has been almost a week since we brought Hope home and what a wonderful time we have had.  It has taken a little while to get the hang of everything...from late night feedings (I forgot what they were like), medicine, NG feedings, and the countless diapers.  I feel like I am finally getting into the groove of everything and we are starting to get more organized. 

Jerry's mom and dad bought Hope the most beautiful swing and she absolutely loves being in it.  She spends her days either in the bassinet, swing, or bouncer (or my arms of course).  The physical therapist came yesterday and now she gets to spend an hour a day doing tummy time.  The therapist modified it a little, so I am not just putting her on a blanket on the floor, but she will be a little more upright when doing tummy time.

We had our first NG tube replacement yesterday.  Hope decided to pull it out early in the day...yeah, I know she pulls at everything, so it was just a matter of time.  I also think that she decided she didn't want her food that way anymore.  She has been taking more and more from the bottle and has been taking full bottles (ok, they are only 1.5 ounces) several times a day now.  Anyway, Jerry and I put a new NG tube in last night.  It was a lot easier at the hospital! 

The boys went trick-or-treating this past weekend and Hope and daddy spent a nice quiet evening together.  Jerry left the light on and no surprise...we didn't have any trick-or-treaters come to the house.  The boys and I went to Brook Park with Destiny and had a great time with family.  I am posting some pictures of the boys because I didn't buy Hope a costume this year.

We are all going on Thursday for our H1N1 vaccinations (well, not Hope...she is too young).  We have all had the regular flu vaccines and I want to try and make sure we stay as healthy as possible through the winter.  We know people have different opinions on getting the flu shot and appreciate all of the family members who have gotten their shots to protect our daughter.

I know it sounds repetitive, but thank you to everyone!  We are so grateful for all the thoughts, prayers, and support that everyone has given us.  We appreciate you keeping our family in your prayers.  We have made it a long way and we still have quite a journey ahead.


  1. I'm so glad that you are guys are doing great. It's a big adjustment when they are home, especially with two other little ones.


  2. The swing is gorgeous!! The kids looked so cute all dressed up. I'm glad you guys are settling into a groove at home. Hope looks very content.