Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Good Day

Even though the nurse yesterday did not let me hold Hope, it was still a really nice day.  I spent a lot of time talking and touching her and I know she really likes that.  We brought up all her stuff from Akron Children's and decorated her room a little bit.  It looks and feels a little better with her stuff in the room.

Jerry and the boys hung out on the 3rd floor most of the day, but came to visit and spent quite a bit of time in the room with us.  The boys do pretty good considering all the wires and stuff that I am sure they would like to play with.  The boys also gave Hope her Build a Bear and I know she loved it.  She woke up for a little while so that she could see the bear and they boys.

We met Dr. Edwards (Cardiologist) and he assured us that the surgery will happen on Wednesday unless another baby comes in with an emergency, Hope gets and infection, or her health declines dramatically before Wednesday.  We are praying every day that she stays strong and does not catch anything while she is waiting.  We can't really do anything about another child needing emergency surgery and if Hope is holding her own, we would prefer they fix another baby that would not be able to make it without the surgery.

When we got home from the hospital we had a package at the door.  It was a wonderful present from everyone at work...Seeds of Life.  It is an oak tree that we will plant for Hope and as she gets older, she will be able to see the tree grow as she is growing.  It was such a thoughtful gift and I want to thank everyone at work for their thoughts and prayers.

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