Sunday, September 20, 2009

Teddy Bear Run

Today was kind of nice for all of the kids.  There was a teddy bear run and Santa and a Teddy Bear delivered stuffed animals to all the children in the hospital.  Jerry and Paul even got teddy bears while they were in the waiting room.

Jerry's Aunt Kim and my Uncle Mike both came to visit Hope.  It really is great that everyone has come up to meet her and share in our joy.  Everyone has been great and brought a lot of joy into our lives by visiting with Hope and being there for us.

The doctors are concerned about Hope's kidney functions and are planning a big meeting for tomorrow morning to discuss how it might impact heart surgery.  They thought her kidney function would have improved by now and the nephralogist wants to meet with the cardiology team in the morning to discuss everything.  Jerry and I plan to be at the hospital early for the meeting to hear what everyone has to say.

I will have to post pictures later because I left the camera at the hospital, but Hope got a cute purple Care Bear and even though it is twice her size, I know she loves it.

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