Monday, September 14, 2009

Pitocin Started

I wanted to let everyone know that I started my Pitocin at 3pm today. I went for the ultrasound this morning and her fluid was really low (1.9), so they decided to start the induction. I am scared, excited, nervous, and every other emotion you could possibly think of right now.

My mom, Marilyn, and the boys have been up here most of the day. It is nice having the company, but I am sure I will not be wanting too much company when the contractions really start. Jerry's family will be up a little later and it will be nice to have everyone here once Hope is born.

GeraLeah and Rosie both tried getting Christina to let Destiny come up for when Hope is born and especially for her Christening, but Christina said 'no' because Destiny has a cold. I am really hoping that someone can talk her into it as I am guessing Destiny will not be very happy if she is not able to meet Hope.

I will update more later today...I am going to spend time with the boys now!


  1. this is ....geraleia and I pray for you and hope to be fine. Me and mom are coming up to see you and hope. We are family, we'll be here for you and hope oh, and jerry (my brother). we stick together, that what family does!!!!!! see ya in a few...LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!