Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Minor Setbacks

We got a call at 6 this morning from the ICU doctor (Dr. Lipowitz).  Hope's oxygen saturation levels went down last night as well as her heartrate.  She even stopped breathing for a few seconds.  As a precaution, the doctor decided it was in her best interest to intubate her.  I am really sad for her, but I also know they are doing their best to make sure she has the best chance at surviving surgery tomorrow.  The doctor also told me that there was fluid leaking out of her femoral line, so they are testing that to make sure it is not an infection.  They pulled the line and decided to use regular IVs for her feeds until after her surgery.

Please pray that they do not find an infection.  If they do, she will not be able to have surgery tomorrow and we are not sure when they will be able to schedule it.


  1. Thanks for the updates, Paula. I'm so praying for no infection for little Hope and that surgery will take place tomorrow. We have to trust God in His own ways.

  2. Several of us have been through this too as you know and I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I remember sitting in the waiting room at Cincinnati Children's with the family waiting for the hourly news on Lauren last October when Lauren was 4 days old. Hope is in good hands, the Cleveland Clinic doctors and God.

    Kathy with the HLHS group and Lauren's Nana.

  3. Praying...deep breaths sweet mama.

  4. Praying that everything goes well and that there will be no complications. Stay strong and know that if you need to talk I am here...
    Sending you big hugs!!!