Monday, September 28, 2009


Sunday at the hospital was pretty uneventful.  We were excited because they didn't intubate Hope and we were expecting that to happen over the weekend.  The ICU doctor on duty decided that she could wait to be intubated.  Hope had a small temperature this morning, so they have been checking her blood to make sure she doesn't have any type of infection.  So far they have not found any infection, but they are still checking every day.  That is the one thing that will keep Hope from going to surgery on Wednesday, so we are constantly praying that Hope doesn't get an infection.

A first...Hope was sucking her thumb today.  It was the cutest thing I ever saw.  I know the boys sucked their thumbs, but when I saw Hope it was just such a surprise.  

Sandy, Mom, Ron, Marilyn and her family all came up to visit today.  Hope and I love having visitors and you can tell when she opens her eyes to see who is visiting.  Jerry and I are finding a lot of peace in the people that come up to visit Hope.  We know that she can tell people are there to see her and she seems to do better when people are visiting her.

We are still requesting that everyone prays for Hope this week.  We need her to stay strong and infection free and then when we get to Wednesday, we will need to open the floodgates to God and pray that she gets through surgery strong and healthy.  Thank you to everyone that is continuing to keep us in your thoughts and is more appreciated that I can write on a blog!


  1. So adorable sucking her thumb. Pray for you guys every day.

  2. thanks for checking out our carepage! will be praying for you and the upcoming surgery. hope to look at your blog more later when i have more time and keep up with Hope. "heart hugs" and prayers! Anne Dee and Avery :)