Thursday, September 3, 2009

Unexpected Good Appointments

After my appointments yesterday I am feeling a lot more optimistic about everything. I don't really know why I am more optimistic...although meeting with Dr. Patel (the cardiologist) did help. He told me that even though everything looks the same (with the addition of an atrial septal defect...which is not good), he still feels optimistic that she will be fine when she is born and that we should definitely talk to the perinatologist about starting her on Prostoglandin right away. What that means is that they would need to start an IV through her umbilical cord right when she is born. I am working with the maternal fetal group to see if that is possible...the major problem with that is the possibility of her going into respiratory distress and needing to be put on a ventilator. I am at a point now that I am not exactly sure what we will do when she is born, but I know that I will be with her the whole time. I also know that before they do anything drastic, we will have her christened. She has a beautiful dress (I will post some pictures soon) and I want her to wear it for the christening. After that...we will decide everything else.

More good non-stress test went great. Hope's heart rate went up and down just like it is supposed to. I had to laugh because every time she heard the nurse's voice she would kick me. The nurse has a very distinct voice and I am guessing Hope either really liked it or really didn't like it!

No ultrasound pictures this week, but I am pretty certain that she is growing so no big deal. She already has a lot of pictures and as soon as I get a few minutes I really want to scan them and post them here.

I also have to pack my bag for the hospital. I have a lot of great clothes for Hope from everyone and I want to make sure I don't forget anything. There is so much that I want to bring to the hospital and I don't want to forget anything. I think I need to put a list together and cross things off as I pack them in my bag.

Finally...I am pretty sure that Hope will be born on September 22nd. Please pray that she does not decide to come on her own. I am starting the induction late on the 21st and they won't start the Pitocin until the morning of the 22nd. I just really need everyone to pray that she stays with me until then. My labor and delivery is too fast to chance having her naturally and not making it to the hospital. So, if everyone could add that additional prayer (hopefully everyone is praying that God will mend her heart) I would greatly appreciate the additional prayers.


  1. I am so glad to hear that news!!! I pray for you both everyday but I will make sure to have my family say some prayers for her too. Take care and try to get some rest before your big day.
    Sending hugs your way...

  2. So glad you had good appointment...praying for you and for a sweet weekend.

    Sending love to all of you....

  3. This is all news to me. No one told me you were going through all of this. I don't really know what to say? I feel like a complete jerk for not knowing. I always think "no news is good news", and I don't have children, so I never thought to ask about how your pregnancy was going. What a colossal schmuck!!! (This is your brother)

  4. I saw your post on BBC and looked at your blog. I am expecting our 3rd child, our 2nd child died from HLHS after we opted for no surgical intervention. It is an unfair journey, and very difficult...our son enriched our lives in the week he was with us, though we miss him terribly. If you would like, feel free to email me at as I couldn't find anywhere to send you a private message or email.