Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prayer Request

Hi everyone,

I know I didn't update was a busy day and we spent most of it with Hope. She is doing great! I will update on everything that happened a little later.

My prayer request is for the Institution Recommendation that will be happening today. The hospital where Hope is staying has a meeting with everyone involved in her care and they will determine whether or not she is a candidate for surgery. She has a lot of adverse risk factors:

Low birth weight (IUGR)

Atrial and Mitral Atresia

Renal Agenisis (one of her kidneys may not be working)

Chromosomal Issue (although I personally think this is a non issue)

Please pray with our family that she will be considered a candidate for surgery. We value the recommendation and trust all of the doctors that we have been seeing, but we are truly afraid that they will determine that she is not a candidate for surgery. If that happens, we will have to make a decision as to whether we want to get another opinion or turn off her Prostin drip. We don't want to make that decision (and no parent should ever have to make that kind of decision).

We are finding out later today and I will update then, but in the meantime, please pray as hard as you can that the doctors decide that she is a candidate for surgery.

Thank you so much!


  1. Sending up tons of prayers for Hope today. ~Angie (fellow heart mom)

  2. I'm keeping you in my prayers. We have to trust God in His plans. Keep us updated.

  3. Paula, I am praying for baby Hope, you, and your family as you advocate for her care and love her for who she is, your sweet, perfect angel. I love you guys. Beth

  4. You know you are always in our thoughts and prayers!!! Trust in the Lord that it will all work out for Hope.
    Take care!

  5. If your doctors won't give her a chance, please please please look for some who will. Don't give up! They are out there! That's how we ended up in Columbus with our son - the first option the Cleveland doctors offered us when our Gabe was diagnosed @ 23wks was termination and that was unacceptable.
    If you want names & numbers of the people in Columbus who helped us, please come visit the House to get my email address & contact me.

  6. Jerry & Paula

    she is so pretty I just cant stand it.I know in my heart that she is one tough cookie.