Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital

We had Hope transferred to the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital late last night for a second opinion.  They were originally going to send her by air, but decided with the clouds that it would be best to pick her up by ambulance.  They got to Akron Children's Hospital around 8:30 pm and spent about an hour getting her ready to be moved.  Jerry and I went to the Clinic in our own car and after searching for the correct parking garage...finally got to her room around 10:00 pm.  We met her nurse and the ICU doctor and they were both really nice to us.  The Cleveland Clinic is a lot different than Akron Children's, but I am sure we will find our way around eventually.

Today was very special for Jerry...he got to change Hope's poopy diaper (his first diaper change on Hope).  I know it was hard with all her wires, but he did a great job.

We talked to the doctor and the nurse last night and they will be running a bunch of tests on Hope today.  They are basically going to repeat all of the tests that were done by Akron Children's and I am hoping the results are better at the Cleveland Clinic.  Some other good news...she is not under the oxygen tent, so we can touch her all the time.  When we got to the Clinic last night, she was wide awake so we spent over an hour playing with her and getting her settled for the night.

We want to thank everyone again for their thoughts and prayers.  They have helped get Hope the best care available and we are praying that the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic are willing to give Hope a chance to show them what a fighter she is!


  1. Kinda weird - It's probably exciting and scary to change her little diaper!! I am so happy that she does not have to spend her time in her oxygen tent! I bet she loves having her mommy and daddy close again!! We love you and love having the boys! Amanda starts every day with "when can we go see Jerry and Paul??!!" We will see you later!! Love and prayers to you!

  2. Still praying!!!! Please feel free to email me or contact me on BBC if you ever want to vent/talk.

    ~Mary (MaggieMae06 on BBC)

  3. Beautiful photos, Paula. I'm glad Hope got transferred for another opinion. Enjoy her every precious moment. It's hard to believe that she's in this state of health because I think she looks great. God is a God of miracles, I'll keep on praying for you, Hope and your entire family.

  4. I'm happy to hear that you are being such a wonderful advocate for your daughter! I hope you will get better news for little Hope! Goodluck. Will continue praying daily!