Friday, September 11, 2009

Fluid is good today

I just got back from the ultrasound the amniotic fluid level is back up there. It is 9.5 today which is really good. I will be still be at the hospital, but probably won't have another check until Monday. It will be a LONG weekend. I know it is probably best that I am in the hospital, but it really is lonely and depressing sitting here all day. I have too much on my mind and too much time to think about everything.

I am thinking about asking Dr. Silber if I can go home for the weekend. If no one is going to be able to check my fluid levels over the weekend, I just don't see the reason I need to be sitting here all weekend.

I also found out that I only get to leave my room once a day. I am so finding a way to get that changed. There really is no reason whatsoever that I need to spend the entire day and night in this room. I will seriously go crazy!

I want to thank everyone again for all the thoughts and prayers. I don't know how to thank everyone for everything that you have done for our family, but we are eternally grateful.


  1. Good morning, I am so glad to hear happy news from you! I know it is horrible staying at the hospital but maybe it would be best. Just ask them to let you move around more so you can be a little more comfortable. Hang in there, you have come this far, you can do it. Praying that these next few days will be good for you. Take care and please keep me posted.
    Sending hugs your way!

  2. I'm glad your scare, was just a scare and that everything is ok now. I hope that the doctors allow you to get out of the room more often or even out of the hospital for the weekend. Thinking about you two!! Emily