Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boys Visit and Pictures

Today was a wonderful day with Hope...other than her throwing up two of her feedings (more on that later).  Because Hope is basically OK to be discharged for rehabilitation I was allowed to take her out of the step-down unit to the 4th floor waiting room.  Jerry and the boys were there waiting for us.  They are not allowed in the step-down unit because of flu season, so they have not been able to see her for almost a month.  They have missed her and I think she has missed them as well.  I spent 1/2 an hour with all of them and it was the greatest 1/2 hour I have spent in a really long time.  I felt like we were a family for the first time in a long time because we were all together.

Tomorrow Jerry and I are taking a tour of the rehabilitation center to see where Hope will be going for a little while when a bed opens.  They don't think she will be able to get in until sometime next week...I am hoping for early next week.  The sooner she gets in there, the sooner she can come home.  I am getting prepared to learn how to measure and insert the feeding tube.  I get the feeling that she is going to come home with a feeding tube and I need to know how to check and change it before she comes home.  I already know how to check it...that's the easy part, but changing it is the scary part for me.  If you insert it wrong, it can go to the lungs rather than the stomach and that is what scares me the most.

Now to the problem with throwing up...I am sick of it.  I really wish I knew what was wrong, but I really don't have a clue.  They are going to have an ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor take a look at her on Monday to see if there is any problem in those areas.  I have also asked if they could have a stomach doctor take a look at looks like she is throwing up a lot of mucus, not formula.  She is also not throwing up during the feeds and it is happening with both NG feeds and when she is fed with the bottle.  The weird thing to me is that it is happening about an hour after she is done eating and it is not happening with every feeding.  It is puzzling to me and I am hoping maybe a doctor can figure out what the problem is...she really needs as much food to stay in her as possible.  Big news this morning...she now weighs 2.7 kilos (she was in the 2.6s for so long).  That is almost 6 pounds!!!

Thank you once again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate all of the support we have received through this journey.


  1. these kids are such mysteries. josh used to throw up just as hope does. eventually he out grew it, bbut we never really got an answer as to why he did it. it's frustrating, because you just want it to stop for the sake of the baby.
    and wow, i didn't realize your other kids weren't able to see the baby. that's got to be really hard. she'll be home soon it sounds like & what fun that will be!

  2. btw- she's beautiful! very alert!

  3. Hope looks really good. I am really happy to see things are progressing with her. I now realize the strength that you guys must have had to go through it all. Congratulations and thank you for following Travis on his journey.

  4. I'm so glad that you guys were able to have family time today. I hope that they get Hope moved to the rehab center soon so that she can go home!!! I can tell she's putting on weight. She's beautiful!

  5. Look at her smiling! She's amazing.
    Hey, I did a frog. It's for sale now. I don't have your email address. Mine is crunchygranolamama(at)yahoo(dot)com. I threw a pic up on the blog. Email me if you want it. I can give you more details via email. Glad you all are doing so well. :)

  6. look how big she is!!!!! i haven't been on for awhile! avery threw up a lot too and her's was also very mucusy! they put her on reglin...not sure if it was the reglin that helped or if her little body just adjusted. it's a med that helps keep stuff down...might be worth a mention if they haven't already tried. praying you guys get to go home soon! avery changed SO much so quick when we came home! once we were home, she was actually able to SLEEP instead of getting interrupted at the top of every hour for vitals and stuff! hope is SO cute and she looks great! praying she can pack on the pounds so you can get home to your boys soon!

    heart hugs...
    Anne Dee & Avery

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