Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Oxygen

Well our little girl decided to throw a fit this morning which made her heart beat really fast and her blood pressure rise a little too high.  Her oxygen saturation also dropped into the 60s...which is not good, so they decided to up her oxygen through her nose.  Early this morning they were talking about moving her to the step-down unit, but after her little temper tantrum, she has to stay in PICU until she can get her oxygen down to 1 liter and her % down to 25.  She can't even start eating until that happens, so we are praying that they can continue lowering everything tonight and start feeding her tomorrow.  She threw a little fit while I was there today and it scared the heck out of me.  She got so upset that little tears were coming out of her eyes.  She still can't really make much sound when she cries, but she get really red and blotchy in the face.  I am hoping that within a few days she will be stronger (they tell me her chest needs to get stronger from being on the breathing tube) and her stats will be better when she throws a fit.

After visiting with Hope all afternoon, Jerry and I went to his parents for stuffed cabbage for his dad's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  His mom makes the best stuffed cabbage in the world.

I finally got a baby book for Hope.  My mom went shopping today and bought one.  I don't know why I didn't have one, but I definitely need to spend some time getting it up-to-date.

Hope also got a wonderful card from her cousin Dominic.  It is a wonderful get-well card.  The hospital has a new policy that no one under 12 years old can visit, so even though Dominic has been there to visit before, he is not allowed to visit anymore.  It is sad that the boys can't visit either.  It was nice knowing that they were close while I was visiting with Hope.  Now it will be hard for them and for me.  I just can't wait until she comes home!

Please keep Hope in your prayers that she will be strong enough to come off the oxygen.  I really want to hold her and feed her and it breaks my heart that I have not been able to for over a week.

I found the following picture on another babies blog and I loved it!  I just had to share with everyone because it shows just how much of a role I believe God played in helping our daughter.


  1. no young visitors b/c of flu season or what? wow that's tough if siblings can't even come! i've seen avery get so upset her face turns purple. yikes! so be prepared for that :) i'm driving 2.5 hrs home today and avery's daddy is going to spend the weekend w/ her. it's going to be hard to be away for a few days!!! hope is looking really good! still trying to read all of your updates. LOVE the OR pic...i'm going to put it on my CP too!!!

  2. I love this last photo, it speaks a million words. I'm still praying for you guys. OHS isn't easy on her tiny body, but God will provide; keep on believing. I know how hard it was when I couldn't hold Andre after 24 hours, let alone a week. But you will, and this will be a wonderful day, just look forward to that moment but also live every single one in front of you as well.