Friday, October 9, 2009


I have been learning valuable lessons in patience...just about every day.  I think that is one of the many lessons God wants me to learn through Hope.  I find myself getting frustrated and not realizing all of the progress Hope makes every day.  They lowered her oxygen to room air today (21%), but she couldn't seem to handle room air, so they had to raise it back to 25%.  I am grateful that the breathing tube is out and I am grateful she made it through surgery and is doing so well...I need to concentrate on all the great things God has blessed us with and stop getting frustrated when Hope has a setback. 

When I got to the hospital today, Hope was totally decked out in pink.  The night nurses used all of the blankets that I brought to the hospital and decorated her bed.  It was the cutest sight and I was so happy.  She even had her pink hat and socks back on.  She looks so pretty in pink!

They took the arterial line out of Hope's arm today.  I had to take a picture of her arm because it has been so long since I have seen it without an IV.  She has the longest fingers I have ever seen on a baby.

Hope had physical therapy today too.  They moved her around a little and also tried stimulating her tongue to get her used to sucking.  She didn't throw a fit either...YEAH!!!

Today I am celebrating the birth of another heart baby.  Aiden was born at 6:26pm and after a scary start, he is doing great.  Please add him to your prayers as you continue to pray with me for Hope and her recovery.  Aiden will need surgery as well and you can follow his story here:


Thank you for your continued prayers.  God is listening and answering them every day!

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  1. I'm sorry Hope is having a setback with the oxygen. It has all been such good news so far so I'm sure its hard to feel like you're going backwards. From what I have heard from many parents of babies in the NICU/PICU, this is how it goes, make a little progress then lose a little progress. I'll pray that this is Hope's only setback so she can recover and come home with you soon.

    She is so adorable in pink!!