Saturday, October 10, 2009

No More Oxygen

Well...I called early this morning because I knew we had to get a few things done before we went to the hospital to see Hope.  When I called, she was still on 25% oxygen and they were pushing 4 liters as well through her nose cannola.  That is the same as when I left the hospital yesterday, so no big deal.

When we got to the hospital this afternoon, so much had changed.  First, Hope decided enough was enough with the IV in her neck and pulled it out.  I think that totally freaked out the nurse.  After that, the IV in her left arm decided to stop working so they had to put one in her right arm (after just getting the arterial line out yesterday).  That kind of sucked for her, but they really needed somewhere to draw labs and put in the medicine so they don't have to stick her all the time.  The yuckiest (not real sure if that is a word) thing is that they put an IV in her head...yes, her head.  The doctor said that the veins in a babies head are pretty good, so they use them.  It was hard to see her with the IV in her head and knowing that they are not using it (it is a back up) was even harder.  So, you would think that would be it, but nope.  Her monitor decided to stop working.  They had to set her up with a battery powered one until maintanence made it in.  He was called on his day off to come fix it.  Amazingly, he came in and turned it on...yes, you read right...he turned the switch on.  Someone must have accidentily turned it off.


Dr. Dan decided to get a little aggressive today.  Right before we got to the hospital, they stopped all oxygen.  Just turned off everything to see how Hope would do.  Our little trooper did AWESOME!!!  After the scares we had yesterday just turning the oxygen down to 21% and leaving the 4 liter push...her sats stayed in the 60s.  Today when they turned off all the oxygen, her sats stayed in the 70s.  We were there for over 3 hours and she didn't have any oxygen help at all.  She even had a few little fits and they still didn't fall all that far.  Even when the nurse pricked her heel to test her blood sugar...sats stayed good (although she threw quite the little fit).  She also sucked on her pacifier quite a bit today, so hoping that will help when we can finally start feeding her.  I also figured out how to turn the lights on in the room, so the pictures look a little better.

We are so proud of our little trooper.  She is doing great and it the strongest little girl I know.  God has answered yet another prayer and continues to show us miracles every day.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.  God is listening and hearing each and every prayer!

Thank you!


  1. Been following your blog for a couple of weeks. I am glad to see that hope is doing well. My wife and I are expecting our first son on 10/26/09. He has been diagnossed with HLHS at 27 weeks. Of course they are not sure of how complicated his condition is. It is good to see that your little princess is doing well. Take Care and I hope the journey continues in a positive path.

  2. Paula, I am so EXCITED for you! Hope looks so great and I am so happy to see how well she is doing. The power of prayer! I hope soon you get a chance to feed her and she will be that much
    Sending big hugs your way!!!!

  3. Congrats on the no oxygen! Hope looks really good in these pics. A lot less swollen. She's precious. I hope you've been able to get some rest! The IV in her head is a bummer. I'm sorry. It stinks that when they're in the hospital they have to have back-up IV's. I hope that she continues to heal and improve every day.

  4. Hope is beautiful! Prayers do work, we will continue to pray, God Bless!

  5. Praise God that Hope is doing so well. I'll continue praying for her continued recovery.

  6. Wonderful news! She is so gorgeous. I have such hope when I see pictures of....Hope!! Hang in there!

  7. She looks wonderful! I am glad to hear she is doing well. Aren't those head IV's annoying? My 17 month old still has what we call the NICU haircut from when they shaved the side of his head when he was born. I look at it now and see it as a reminder of how strong he is and all that he has gone through.

    I am still praying for your beautiful daughter.